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Jacksonville Caspio App Widget

Websites live or die based on traffic. Adding widgets to your database is a great way to generate additional traffic to your site.

Imagine that you have built a nice, searchable database that allows users to find information  related to your business or industry. If the data is of general interest, don’t lock it up on your website. Instead, create a widget by incorporating branding with a link to your website and then provide the Caspio deploy code of the DataPage for your visitors to copy and deploy on their own websites.

Our client Jacksonville uses the widget to share restaurant violations on a website.

You could also use this model to distribute apps to business partners or bloggers in your industry. This will allow you to get credit and links back to your website while helping others offer interesting and useful information. Alternatively, your widget could display only a subset of the information to draw visitors to your site to get the complete story.

There is no additional charge to deploy an application on multiple websites. The only thing that may need to be modified is your data transfer capacity.

Feel free to post any comments or questions here, or contact Caspio Support for more information.

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