By Jason Johnson,
Manager of User Education


Business professionals use data in so many different ways that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of everything. Maybe someone on your team needs to update account information, or your CEO wants a summary report of a current customer’s status or your clients are trying to send you new orders? Well, Caspio has a flexible and easy-to-create solution to manage your data called a DataPage.

What is a DataPage?

A DataPage is a web interface that allows you to input, update, add and view data stored in online tables. It allows you to interact with a visual and easy-to-understand website while securing all your data in the cloud.

The great thing about Caspio is that you don’t need to be a developer to create a DataPage. In fact, you don’t need to do any coding at all! DataPages are created via step-by-step wizards from within the Caspio no-code platform. You’ll then be able to use your cloud-stored data to create reports, forms, calendars, charts and more. Once built, you’ll be able to deploy your DataPages on a website or into your chosen CMS system.

Explore how DataPages will take your projects to the next level.

Creating a DataPage on Caspio platform

A DataPage allows you to input, update, add and view data stored in online tables.

Caspio’s step-by-step wizard allows non-developers to have all the tools they need to create the desired interface in an easily accessible and guided process. Depending on your needs, there is a range of DataPage types to choose from, including submission, update and search forms, and reports with data drill-downs, calendars, charts and pivot tables.

Benefits of Using DataPages

With your Caspio DataPages, it becomes completely unnecessary to request IT to build that new report — simply use Caspio to create what you need. What’s more, making changes on your DataPages is easy and any updates you make to your DataPage are instantly applied on your app without the need to redeploy or modify your website in any way. Since DataPages use data that is stored directly in your tables, every report you view shows the most up-to-date information that’s submitted.

Whether you need a single web form for customers to submit new orders or need multiple reports where employees are able to edit account records, Caspio’s flexible deployment options ensure seamless integration with your website for a professional user experience.

So what is a DataPage? It’s the best way to get vital data into the hands of those who need it. Schedule a demo and learn how to build your DataPages fast and with no coding required.

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