Typically perceived as the “Microsoft Access alternative for Mac”, FileMaker has found itself a place on many Mac desktops for simple data management tasks. However, just like Microsoft Access, FileMaker has failed to keep up with the pace of web applications and cloud computing. Simply put, the software has fallen behind the evolving needs of its users, especially in the areas of web-enabled applications.

Despite the fact of a growing amount of web-based FileMaker alternatives, let’s have a look at the two methods for publishing databases on the web offered by FileMaker:

FileMaker Instant Web Publishing

Pros Cons
• Relatively easy to use; takes only a few clicks to publish a database application. • No control over the appearance of your app since FileMaker makes those decisions for you.
• Published web apps are limited to five concurrent end users.

Custom FileMaker Web Publishing

Pros Cons
• More control over the appearance. • You have to know PHP or XML to use it.
• Additional functionality for web apps. • Limited to 100 concurrent end users.
• Requires FileMaker Server, which means you have to purchase and maintain in-house infrastructure to support it.

FileMaker Lacks the Scale and Flexibility of the Cloud

As a traditional shrink-wrapped database software, FileMaker requires you to purchase copies of licenses and in-house servers to fully utilize all the features, not to mention the time and money that goes into 24/7 monitoring and maintenance afterwards. Furthermore, the scalability of the database and applications is restrained by your server capacity and infrastructure architecture, which may lack the elasticity required to handle unexpected traffic fluctuations. As your business grows and demands evolve, you may have to dedicate more and more money to make ends meet. But regardless of which scenario you face, FileMaker apps only support 100 end users. In contrast, a cloud database is much more flexible and allows you to scale on-demand at any time. Caspio as a FileMaker alternative in particular is known for its outstanding scalability and elasticity, as well as robust database infrastructure.

Caspio is a Suitable Web-Based Alternative to FileMaker

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use database solution while harnessing the benefits of web applications and cloud computing, FileMaker may not be the best choice. Take the following into consideration:

  • Exceptional Web Publishing Capabilities: With Caspio, you can easily publish database applications on any web property, be it a website, blog, mobile site, Facebook page or Microsoft SharePoint site. All you need to do is to copy-and-paste a snippet of JavaScript code exactly where you want the app to appear on your web page. The web application is able to support unlimited end users.
  • Top-Tier Database Functionality: The Caspio online database platform provides you with many features and functionalities that you would expect from a best-in-class database, without the complexity. Additionally, you’ll also have many more cloud-centric features at your disposal. For example, Caspio DataHub allows you to schedule data transfer tasks between your cloud databases and other online systems such as FTP, Amazon S3, and more.
  • Point-and-Click App Builder: We understand the importance of GUI for modern business users and have integrated a point-and-click app builder within the Caspio platform to help you create sophisticated database-driven applications without coding. Unlike FileMaker that either requires PHP/XML or restricts the control over app functionality and appearance, Caspio gives you the maximum level of freedom designing your apps.
  • New User Interface: We are also excited to share that we have introduced a drastically redesigned user interface in Caspio 8.0  that is modern, crisp and clean. The upgrade is available to all customers and will immediately improve their productivity and overall user experience. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay tuned.

To learn more about Caspio, sign up for a free trial account or request a no-obligation project consultation with one of our data experts.

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