Have you ever considered starting your own business … but quickly got discouraged by the thought of building everything from scratch? Here’s a little inspiration that may help revive your entrepreneurial spirit.

Brad Blaicher had a unique business idea to start a commercial construction lead generation company focused strictly on the state of Arizona. Working in the industry for 15 years, Brad knew he would need an extensive IT system to meet his requirements for collecting, tracking and sharing commercial construction leads and projects – but developing such a system could take years and cost thousands of dollars.

But Brad didn’t have years and thousands of dollars, or any IT staff for that matter. Regardless, in order to successfully launch this business, he needed to get his idea to market fast while the opportunity was still ripe for the taking.

In the video below, Brad shares how he launched ConstructionReports.com in less than seven weeks using Caspio’s cloud platform instead of hiring internal IT staff.

By launching earlier than expected, Brad not only started generating revenues sooner, he also saved thousands of dollars in payroll. Today, ConstructionReports.com adds 10-20 new projects into the system daily, relying heavily on Caspio as the IT backbone of the company.

Caspio’s rapid application development platform helps businesses of all sizes launch new ideas with minimal time and investment. And there’s no need to get discouraged if you don’t have the staff or resources to build systems and applications. Caspio Professional Services provides a team of dedicated consultants, project managers, and developers to build cloud applications to your exact specifications at a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.

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