January 29, 2015

Caspio-on-AWS-marketplace-150We’re excited to announce that Caspio is now listed on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. As a certified AWS Technology Partner, Caspio’s Platform-as-a-Service runs on AWS infrastructure offering the full value and scale of Amazon’s industry-leading cloud services, while minimizing the technical complexities.

Because Caspio is designed with non-developers in mind, any tech-savvy business professionals can create and operate their own cloud applications using Caspio’s intuitive point-and-click platform — all without having to learn programming or manage complex cloud infrastructures.

Caspio also offers the following capabilities to complement or expand your online database applications using Amazon technology:

  • Embed Database Apps on Amazon S3: If you’re using Amazon’s S3 services to deliver static content, Caspio allows you to easily embed database applications such as dynamic web forms and interactive reports on your static site.
  • Integrate Caspio Data with Amazon: Caspio’s DataHub feature enables you to automate data movement between your Caspio database and Amazon S3 repositories. You can schedule automatic data export or import tasks with ease using a simple step-by-step wizard.
  • Serve Files on Amazon’s CDN: Using Caspio’s FileStor feature, your application files can be served across Amazon’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast performance and free data transfer.
  • Choose from Several Global Data Centers: We operate the Caspio platform on five AWS data centers in North America, Europe (London and Dublin), Australia and South America. You can select the data center that is closest to your users for optimal performance.
  • Tap into our AWS Expertise: Being an AWS partner, Caspio has extensive in-house experience to help you migrate your projects or implement deeper integrations between Caspio and Amazon’s services.

If you have a particular project you’d like to discuss, request a project consultation to speak with a product expert.

We encourage Caspio customers who also use AWS to share your experiences with the community by leaving a review on the AWS Marketplace.

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