CIOs are the new revenue generators in the modern enterprise. As more corporations explore and accelerate the use of technology in operations, marketing and sales, the role of the CIO is broadening from a traditional back-office administrator to a critical gatekeeper for delivering more business value.

This shift is acutely reflected in the growing demand that IT departments see from line-of-business users. More and more business users are going to IT for creative solutions, and more often than not, they hear “Sorry, we don’t have the resources to work on that now.” When IT leaders don’t take proactive steps to support these line-of-business initiatives, they risk being marginalized sooner or later. As a result, CIOs need to think differently to figure out a way to transform this problem into innovation across the organization.

Ranking at the top of most enterprise technology portfolios, Platform-as-a-Service holds the key to sweeping IT transformation. To help CIOs better appreciate the value of a codeless PaaS for business users, and assess areas for improvement, we have produced a slideshow to illustrate how an online database platform like Caspio can be used to transform an entire organization.

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