If you’re searching for the best way to drive the growth of your business, consider the aqueduct. Aqueducts were important structures in the ancient Roman world, enabling Rome to grow from a sleepy town into a massive empire that spanned the known world. Villages throughout Europe used aqueducts to access water sources many miles away, spurring their growth into cities by fueling trade and industry. What enabled the Romans to build these impressive structures was their discovery and mastery of the arch. Normal buildings would collapse under the weight of a city’s water supply, but an arch allowed this weight to be distributed along the length of an aqueduct. This game-changing innovation allowed Roman engineers to build magnificent structures that outlasted the Empire itself.

A custom online database application is like an aqueduct for your business.

The Aqueduct of Segovia in Spain is a 1st-century Roman aqueduct that was still supplying water to the city of Segovia as late as the 19th-century. Photo by Bernard Gagnon / CC BY-SA 3.0

In the modern business world, companies rely on established business processes. The foundation of these processes is data, and the weight of business operations is spread across the different sets of data your company goes through every day. If you think about it, data is the life-giving water that allows your business to grow. This makes the way you choose to store, organize and process your data incredibly important.

The ubiquity of spreadsheet applications is a testament to this importance. Billions of people use spreadsheet software like MS Excel in their everyday business life to keep track of and analyze their data. As business processes became more complex, spreadsheet applications have evolved to include capabilities such as generating charts and graphs. A spreadsheet is at its most useful, however, as a database. You’ve probably used spreadsheets to keep organize data like contact information, or as an inventory for office equipment.

The problem is that spreadsheet applications like MS Excel are not the best way to store complex data. Increasingly, businesses need full database functions for situations that require sophisticated search queries and data sequences. They also need to provide secure access to multiple users and dependable scalability. The difference between a spreadsheet application like MS Excel and a robust and custom online database is like the difference between a water pipe that merely moves data along and an aqueduct that links important business processes on a foundation of data.

Why then do businesses use spreadsheets instead of developing an online database themselves? Because building a custom online database used to be a time-consuming endeavor that required extensive experience in coding. The good news is that Caspio makes it easy for anyone to build online databases quickly, without the need for coding. Caspio is a pioneer in realizing the importance of streamlined data management to modern businesses. The Caspio rapid application development platform was founded to provide a better spreadsheet experience by giving business professionals the power to create custom online database applications themselves through a simplified development process. Caspio introduced a point-and-click user interface that eliminates the need for hand coding by automating tedious steps and turning them into intuitive workflows. This allows anyone to create feature-rich custom cloud database applications that are robust, secure and infinitely scalable. Being a pioneer in low-code/no-code also allows Caspio to leverage on its extensive experience, making its platform solidly reliable.

Caspio foresaw an era where business users are driving the application development process, allowing them to align their applications to their unique business requirements. More business professionals are using Caspio to build database applications that allow them to innovate and overcome their business challenges. Caspio powers more than one million applications in a hundred countries around the world, from global corporations and government agencies to universities, nonprofits and small businesses. Business professionals are discovering that applications created with Caspio make their organization more agile and customer centric because the all-in-one platform provides everything needed to capture data, share information and automate business processes.

Creating a custom online database application with Caspio allows you to bring your business ideas to life. Try it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial today!

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