Tracking information about your website’s traffic is an extremely important activity for any business with an online presence. For many people, the best way to do that is with Google Analytics.  Since it is the most widely-used, free website marketing program for tracking website traffic, you may already be familiar with this tool. But did you know you can expand on its capabilities by easily integrating this technology into your Caspio web application?  This week’s Tech Tip walks you through how to integrate Google Analytics with your Caspio submission forms.

Why Integrate Google Analytics with Web Forms?
The purpose of Google Analytics is to provide a detailed picture of your website traffic, such as where your visitors are coming from, which pages within your website are most popular, and more.  This can help you optimize your website and marketing strategy to increase your web traffic, which can be especially important information if you are paying for referral advertising.

Integrating Google Analytics data with your Caspio web forms provides an extra piece of the puzzle.  In addition to gathering information on web traffic, you can finally see the habits of your active users.  You can then focus your efforts on the web traffic that really matters.


Optimize Marketing Campaigns
One of the items Google Analytics tracks is how active users found your site.  By saving this data across all submissions you can easily distinguish productive marketing campaigns from those that produce little viable traffic and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Refine Your Sales Tunnel
Google Analytics also gives you information on how many times a user has viewed your site before pressing a submit button on one of your web forms.  This provides valuable insight into how your users are evaluating your product or service.  Is it more effective to funnel users immediately to a contact form, or is it better to provide more information up front? Integrating Google Analytics with your submission forms makes it easier to answer these important questions.

Get More from Your Advertising Budget
If you have purchased targeted ad space on the web, you can also use Google Analytic’s URL builder to gather information related to each specific advertisement.  This gives you a clearer picture of where your ad budget is most profitable so you can better target your client base and get your information in front of the people who are looking for it.

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this week’s Tech Tip article, or contact Caspio Support with any questions.