Would you like to include default text on your web forms to instruct users?

It’s pretty commonplace to see auto-clearing gray default text (sometimes called ghost text) on form input fields to help users complete information with minimal confusion or mistakes.

This week’s Tech Tip shows how you can add this feature to input fields in Caspio-powered web forms. This is a slick yet understated way to improve the data quality collected by all of your web forms.

Default text can sometimes make all the difference for public-facing forms where you need extra instructions to ensure accurate data collection and encourage users to complete more fields. You should also consider adding default text in larger text boxes since there’s more space for your instructions in text area input fields.

When implemented properly, default text can be an easy usability improvement, giving your web forms a stronger air of professionalism and ease-of-use.

Take a look at this week’s Tech Tip:
Add Auto-Clearing Placeholder Text to Form Input Fields

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