Parameters are a flexible way for you to strengthen, customize and extend your Caspio Bridge applications.  Even if you have never used parameters before, or aren’t familiar with what they are, this week’s Tech Tip will make it easy for you to get started.

Parameters are values that can be passed between DataPages, basically enabling two or more DataPages “talk” to each other. They can be used in form fields, searches, and in HTML blocks.  Some of the more popular uses for parameters are:

  • Displaying personalized messages to each logged-in user
  • Pre-populating web form fields to avoid unnecessary data re-entry
  • Controlling the page layout in more detail
  • Communicating with other Caspio and non-Caspio apps

This week’s Tech Tip on parameters, Create a Customized Message, shows you how to display a personalized message to each of your users after they’ve logged in.

Create a customized message in Caspio Bridge

This exercise is an easy first step into the world of using parameters.

For more information on parameters, review the instructional articles in the Online Help or request a free Project Consultation.

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