Looking to improve both the traffic and usability of your online database?  Making your data easier to navigate and filter is a surefire way to get your visitors to interact, analyze data, return frequently, and recommend your website to others. This week’s Tech Tip walks you through how to add custom data filters to your Caspio reports so users can quickly and easily find the information they want.

Consider adding vibrant HTML elements such as images, graphic banners, and hyperlinks that link directly to specific data criteria, eliminating the need for the user to enter any search terms. This is a visually-effective way for users to instantly jump to a particular slice of your database. Highly-relevant content promotes user interaction and satisfaction, and as a result, your website traffic increases.

Tech Tip: Custom Data Filters

Link directly from text, images and banners to a dynamic results page.

In the example above, the “Just Listed” image, “Featured Properties” graphic banner, and “Today’s Listings” hyperlink all link to a single report that automatically filters records based on the item the user clicked.

These “click-of-a-button” data filters make it easy to spotlight a particular focus in a large database. Best of all, each data filter applies various criteria to the same dynamic report, so you don’t need to build additional web apps.

Read the Tech Tip for step-by-step instructions.    

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