One of the best ways to increase your presence on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter is to actively encourage users to share your content.  Browsing through the web, you frequently see a variety of social media widgets and buttons that make sharing content as simple as a click of your mouse. You can also integrate social media sharing technologies with database-driven applications powered by Caspio.

This week’s Tech Tip shows you a few of the most popular ways social media sharing can be added directly to Caspio-powered web apps to help increase visibility and traffic to your website.

Drive Traffic to Surveys, Contests and Web Forms
Add Social Media Sharing to Your Web AppsUse social media to promote and increase traffic to your web forms for contests, surveys, feedback, special requests, or any other type of submission form.

Make Database Records Sharable
The ability to share specific records from a Caspio online database is especially useful when publishing events, product catalogs, service listings, and membership profiles. Something as simple as a Facebook “Like” button allows you to promote your information, products, news and events to a much broader audience… with little effort on your part.

Promote Your Apps on Blogs and Twitter
Blogs and micro-blogging sites like Twitter are another powerful way to increase the visibility of your web apps.  Adding social media buttons to a Caspio Report makes it easy to share your database across Twitter and relevant blogs, finding new visitors you wouldn’t have ordinarily reached.

Adding social media widgets and buttons is just a copy-and-paste of a few lines of HTML into the header or footer of your Caspio web forms and apps.  Using Caspio’s online database, you can be sharing records from your web apps in less than 10 minutes!

To try social media sharing using Caspio:
Read the step-by-step instructions, or contact Caspio Support if you have any questions.

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