In addition to creating superior online database applications, Caspio Bridge can also be used to add cool navigation and interactivity features to your website.  Best of all, with Caspio’s unique embedded deployment technology, you can insert database-driven apps and scripts directly on you web page while Caspio remains behind the scenes. Any necessary edits are made in real-time, instantly updating every page where your apps are deployed.

Easily Add Caspio-Powered Features to Your Website

By incorporating Caspio Bridge in your web production process, you can significantly reduce time spent on revisions.  Modify once in your Caspio Bridge account and enjoy the results throughout your website.

To illustrate this concept, this week’s Tech Tip shows you how to create a floating navigation menu.  You can even apply Caspio’s built-in password protection to the menu bar to secure your site’s navigation.  This means that unidentified users are restricted from even seeing your site’s menu options – an effective addition to your website security.

Floating navigation stays with you as you scroll down the page.

Floating navigation stays with you as you scroll down the page.

A floating navigation bar is easy to set up. Check out the interactive demo and follow the step-by-step instructions to implement it for yourself in Caspio Bridge.

Feel free to leave a comment or question below, or contact Caspio Support for assistance.