A Japanese proverb says that vision without action is a daydream. Having a great idea is just one half of a successful business. The other half requires having the means to execute your vision.

Live Broadcasting App Vision

Video startup Talguu has a unique vision to serve as a multi-channel video platform for global audiences and live events. Talguu represents television stations, professional performers and individual content providers with the objective to provide pay-per-view video streaming on a number of different devices.

With technology at the core of Talguu’s vision, the task falls on Chief Technology Officer David Talbot to bring their live broadcasting app vision to life. Talbot leads Talguu’s IT team and has full control over the design and development of Talguu’s applications.

Hand Coding Vs Low-Code App Development

Given extensive autonomy to execute the company’s vision, Talbot didn’t want to waste any time hand-coding applications. As a seasoned IT professional with many years of experience using database systems, Talbot knew that traditional coding was tediously slow. He was also concerned about scalability — he needed to ensure that Talguu’s applications could handle large audiences without suffering from application latency or congestion. As he searched for solutions, he found Caspio and was immediately impressed that a low-code development platform could solve so many of his problems.

He experienced the power of Caspio first-hand when a large client needed to run Talguu’s live broadcasting app on three million TV set-top boxes. Talbot estimates that the project would have otherwise taken two years and $1 to 2 million to develop the applications using traditional coding methods. Using Caspio, Talbot did it in five months.

Talbot himself was responsible for around 95% of the application development and used a couple freelancers to finish the rest. Since he developed much of the application himself, Talbot retains full creative control over the design and deployment. “I’m not beholden to any other person who has some piece of code I don’t understand,” Talbot shared. “And I was able to structure it so other people in the organization are able to take over when I’m away.”

“At first, we chose Caspio mainly for its scalability features,” Talbot said. “As we got into it, we realized that we actually could save a lot of time with Caspio. Caspio has the developer environment already set up, so I can develop features as fast as I can type.”

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