Keeping up with the HR demands in a growing workforce is never an easy job, especially if you are still relying on conventional methods to get things done — manual processes, tons of paperwork, and endless email requests. Not only do these outdated HR practices affect overall work efficiency, but more importantly, they distract HR professionals from more strategic goals such as talent acquisition, employee retention, and ultimately creating a human structure that fosters healthy business growth.

Although traditionally a back-office department, HR is moving to the cloud for the significant cost savings and greater effectiveness. As a result, many HR cloud solutions have hit the market in recent years.

Amid many packaged HR software solutions, Caspio’s do-it-yourself cloud platform is unique in that it is designed for non-technical business users to create their own custom applications without any programming or IT assistance. HR professionals can easily use the point-and-click wizards to design highly-customized applications that streamline key processes, automate workflows, and eliminate paper from administrative tasks.

To give you a better idea of the types of HR cloud applications you can create with Caspio, we have recently revamped two popular app templates: Recruiting Management and Vacation Requests.

The Recruiting Management app is ready to use “as is” or can be easily customized based on your specific needs. Key features include:

  • Create and post thousands of jobs on your website
  • Supports role-based user access with authentication
  • Easily manage the hiring process, schedules and communication with an intuitive interface
  • Specify an expiration date to automatically remove job posts or do it manually when needed

The Vacation Requests app manages time-off requests for the entire workforce. Key features include:

  • Employees can easily submit their requests via the web
  • Automatic email confirmations are sent whenever requests are submitted or updated
  • Employees can check the status of their requests and view all past requests
  • Admin staff and managers can view, manage and  track all vacation requests in one place
  • The app can be accessed via web and mobile devices

These are just two simple examples of HR apps easily built with Caspio. All applications support unlimited users, scale on-demand, and can be easily customized to fit the exact HR practices you already have in place (or would like to implement). Here are some other examples of HR cloud applications you can create:

  • Employee records management
  • Employee development and reviews
  • Skills tracking, training and certification programs
  • Time tracking and employee utilization reporting
  • Company surveys and polls
  • Expense management
  • Benefits management

Once you start building apps, endless possibilities will come to mind. Simply open a trial account and request the Recruiting Management and/or Vacation Requests templates to be loaded into your account to help you get started.

You are also encouraged to request a complementary project consultation with a product advisor to discuss how you can best automate your current HR practices using Caspio.

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