Nestor Wagner, Founder and Director of Education at the Southern California School of Interpretation (SCSI)

Editor’s Note: Today we hear from Néstor Wagner, Founder and Director of Education at Southern California School of Interpretation, a school specializing in preparing Spanish and English bilingual students to become certified interpreters. Founded in 1993, SCSI has built its reputation as the program with the highest pass rate of certified interpreters in California and Nevada. Read why they chose Caspio as the cloud platform behind their online database applications.

When SCSI started out in 1993, we only had on-campus courses available. Over time, we grew and became the leading Spanish language interpreter school with the highest pass rate of certified interpreters in California.

For more than 20 years, our mission is to uphold training excellence and enhance students’ experience while continuously adapting to advanced technologies. In pursuit of this goal, we have made an investment to add online interpreting programs. Initially, we hired professional developers to create an online portal for the program. Six months into the process, I came to the realization that the project is taking too long to roll out and the budget has blown out of proportion. The hunt began for alternatives. That’s when I turned to Caspio.

Improved Efficiency and Faster Time-to-Market

Caspio is perfectly suited for creating web applications with quick project turn-around. Even without any programming skills, I could create database applications using Caspio in a split second. I also realized that using Caspio would be easier because of its point-and-click wizards and the ability to create applications with little to no coding. It took only five days to get everyone up-and-running and accustomed to the interface.

Stellar Customer Support

Besides having an outstanding platform, the customer service is superb. Caspio’s staff is always available. You can count on reliable support at all times, from the account manager to the people answering online chat questions.

Program Launched in 30 Days at a Lower Cost

As a result of using Caspio, we were able to launch the online program in 30 days, saving time and thousands of dollars in overhead, development, and maintenance costs. Since then, our online program has grown by 120% in the first year. Now we rely on Caspio for many of our IT needs. We trust the product, we trust the people, and we could not be happier with the services Caspio provides to us.

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