In order to keep pace with the technology demands of today’s highly complex and competitive business environment, more companies are adopting low-code platforms as a viable alternative to traditional programming approaches. According to Forrester Research, low-code platforms are rapidly gaining traction in the market and will reach $15.4 billion in revenues by 2020.

This month, Caspio was featured in the Software Development Times cover story, “How Low-Code Gives Power to the (Business) People.”

In an interview with Caspio CEO Frank Zamani, SD Times explores the factors driving low-code platform adoption – the first of which is speed. “Let the person closest to the problem solve the problem,” explains Zamani. “You can respond to user feedback more quickly, and the business community can now take advantage of iterations that have advanced science for years. It’s a more scientific approach to the application.”

Another factor in the rapid adoption of low-code platforms is the simple fact that more companies are embracing cloud. IT leaders recognize the economics and efficiency of the cloud, while business users enjoy the anywhere, anytime access. “For process automation and data management, the market is believing in it,” said Zamani. “The cloud is gaining more recognition and trust, and people are asking, ‘What tools are available if I move my data to the cloud?’”

Still, the importance of security and compliance should not be understated. Zamani adds, “The needs in privacy and security, because of things like HIPAA, will continue to rise.” For example, healthcare organizations can achieve digital transformation while maintaining strict security and compliance requirements using Caspio’s HIPAA-Compliant Edition.

Recognized by Forrester as a ‘Leader’ in low-code development platforms for business developers, Caspio has helped thousands of customers build and deploy cloud applications with little to no coding – reducing time-to-market by a factor of 10.

To help companies get started, Caspio offers a free trial and complimentary project consultation.

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