When it comes to choosing a cloud computing provider, it’s no secret that reliability is one of the most important deciding factors. After all, even the most impressive web application doesn’t help you much if you can’t depend on it in the end.

Intuit’s recent service outages have caused quite a stir in the cloud industry, not to mention among the frantic customers voicing their frustration via social media. The Intuit service interruptions have shown that being a big company is not enough to guarantee reliability. Instead, it comes down to old-fashioned checks and balances, along with a strong foundation in cloud scalability best practices.

When evaluating cloud reliability, third-party performance monitoring is essential. Each fraction of a percent directly equates to time and money lost for customers. So when Intuit Quickbase was down spanning 2 business days in June, and again in July with reports of data loss, it’s quite understandable why customers are so upset.

At the time of this post, Quickbase is actually down and reporting 95.70% uptime, which is far below industry standard and without any apparent third-party monitoring.

Quickbase down - status at service.quickbase.com

To Quickbase customers affected by repeated downtimes:
Caspio wants to reinstitute your faith in cloud computing. Since opening our doors back in 2000, we have committed our time and financial resources to service reliability.

We have built transparency into our service level policies, monitoring, and scheduled maintenance procedures — and we are proud to uphold a 99.99% uptime record for over 5 years. Our service status is always available at https://status.caspio.com/, with dynamic updates every 5 minutes by a third-party monitoring service.
Caspio service status at https://status.caspio.com
In our dedication to serve the demands of enterprise, media and government clients for over 10 years, Caspio has invested long-term focus and dollars to ensure our infrastructure is scalable, reliable, easily maintained, and compliant with the leading standards. For example, our redundant multi-tier clustered infrastructure uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database because it is simply one of the most scalable and high-performing industry-standard databases available today. Learn more about Caspio’s security and reliability measures.

In practice, our platform scalability is proven everyday by our large customer base, particularly hundreds of news media. Over 80% of the largest U.S. newspapers like The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and The Boston Globe deploy Caspio applications on their highly-trafficked news sites, often on their homepage generating millions of hits per day.

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel for frustrated Quickbase customers, and Caspio has put together a special program to help address any concerns about cloud reliability.

Our Quickbase Migration Program:
Through September 30, 2010, we are offering Quickbase customers our enterprise-level service with a 60 day money-back guarantee and complimentary Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99.9% uptime for an entire year. In addition, we will provide expert migration consultation, product training, 24/7 emergency support, and up to 40% off any necessary custom development.

To learn more, request a free consultation or call us at 650-691-0900 Option 2.

Cloud computing is here to stay for any forward-thinking company. We all just need to put in our due diligence to cast high standards and back it up with proven reliability.  Contact us to learn more about our enterprise-grade services.