Caspio-hate-crime-statistics-FBI-featuredWe are excited to announce the immediate availability of five new ready-to-publish public data sets. These searchable databases are a great way for the media and bloggers to engage their audience by sharing local crime and salary data.

The source data was retrieved from the latest government data releases and we prepared an interactive web interface to make the information more easily accessible to the public. The apps can be embedded on any website, blog, CMS system, Facebook page, or mobile site with just a copy-and-paste.

Available now for all customers:

  1. Hate Crimes: The latest hate crimes statistics; released on December 8 by the FBI.
  2. College and University Crime: College and university crime statistics by state and institution; released on June 1 by the FBI.
  3. Violent and Property Crimes: The latest violent and property crimes statistics by state and city; released on November 10 by the FBI.
  4. Murders: Murder victims by age, gender and race; released on June 1 by the FBI.
  5. Occupational Salaries: Salary of different occupations for all states; released on April 1 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The applications are optimized for both web and mobile devices and can be deployed immediately without any further modification.


Caspio’s data sets are free for all customers (account usage fees apply). Request the app to be loaded into your account today.

Not using Caspio yet? Sign up to take advantage of these free data sets, plus the ability to create custom database applications without coding.

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