Caspio Database for Non-Profits

Non-profits are facing major challenges in today’s economy. Government funding cuts, limited IT resources, and day-to-day tasks like record keeping, donor management, and community outreach are overwhelming, if not impossible for less-funded organizations. To help stay afloat, many non-profits are turning to cloud database technology to build custom applications that streamline their operations.

Caspio’s database for non-profits helps organizations overcome these challenges in several ways:

  • Save time by creating custom database applications with a step-by-step tool
  • Save money with no investment in IT infrastructure or programmers
  • Reallocate resources to promote your cause instead of worrying about technology.

Non-profits such as PBS, the American Red Cross, the United Way, and the YMCA have leveraged Caspio to launch database applications such as:

Database for Non-Profits - Case Study

Case Study: American Management Association

  • Volunteer Registration
  • Donor Management
  • Grant Tracking
  • Surveys
  • Event Management
  • Petitions
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Feedback Systems
  • Training Schedules
  • Resource Tracking

Caspio offers a 20% discount to non-profits and NGOs. Learn more about Caspio’s cloud database for non-profits and request a project consultation today.

Free Plan Through TechSoup
Qualified non-profits may be eligible for a free Caspio plan through TechSoup. Package includes community forum support and the ability to create up to three apps. Learn more at

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