campaign contributions election appLast month we released a new ready-to-publish database chronicling individual contributions to President Obama and candidate Romney’s presidential campaigns.  The database includes the contributor’s name, city, ZIP code, and contribution amount.  The information was gathered from the  Federal Election Commission and, like all Caspio apps, can be easily embedded into any web site or blog.

We have seen great interest in the application, which allows our news media customers to quickly add interactive, fresh content to their web properties. Local news outlets in areas including St. Louis; Memphis,  Columbia, WA; Augusta, GA; and Bloomington, Il, among many others. The database is just one example of how Caspio is empowering news organizations and other firms with free, rich data sets to enhance their online visitor experience.

Visit the Caspio App Gallery to request your copy of the database to quickly and easily share this free, interactive data on your web site.

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