Change Your Style with One Click

If you haven’t visited the Styles section of Caspio Bridge recently, take a look at the new professionally designed styles that have been uploaded to your account.  You can select a different style with one click in the DataPage Wizard and instantly change the look and feel of your web forms and apps.

Caspio Bridge DataPage - One Click Styling for Forms and Apps

Add a Header and Footer

Headers and footers are great places to give your users extra information and options.  Headers can be changed for each page of a Search and Report DataPage, helping users know at a glance where they are and what actions they can take next.

Caspio Bridge DataPage - Add a header and footer to your Caspio apps and forms easily

Add Your Company Logo

If you use the “Direct from Caspio” deployment method (which displays the app directly in a separate window), you would likely want to include your company branding in the header area.  You can easily reference any image that is hosted on your server and display it directly in your Caspio-powered apps.

Caspio Bridge DataPage - Add your company logo and branding to Caspio powered apps and forms

Try It Yourself

Step-by-step instructions for these and other methods are available in this week’s Tech Tip:
5 Ways to Customize the Look of Your DataPages.

Once you’ve customized your first DataPage, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make extraordinary leaps to improve the look and feel of your Caspio apps.