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Mobile business applications are becoming increasingly vital for companies to stay competitive. So when Mike Morton, CIO and VP of E-Media at Diversified Business Communications Canada (DBCC), heard about Caspio’s iPhone Kit, he immediately started planning how he could implement mobile apps to enhance his marketing and sales strategies.

As a global media company responsible for producing and managing international trade, conferences, and publications, DBCC is consistently challenged to find innovative ways to manage and disseminate large amounts of event information online.

A long time customer of Caspio, Mike had already created numerous applications for conference registrations, webinar directories, and exhibitor listings. He had wanted to create a mobile interface for attendees to access all the event details onsite, but didn’t have the time or resources to start developing mobile interfaces from scratch. The Caspio Mobile Kit allowed him to leverage his existing apps and pull off the entire project in record time.

iPhone Apps By diversified Business Communications Canada

“The ability to pull all the information from the same database without starting from the ground up or hiring a third-party mobile app developer is a huge benefit,” said Mike. “I downloaded the kit and was able to build the mobile-facing application myself in less than two hours.”

–  Mike Morton, DBCC

Using the mobile style included in the Caspio iPhone Kit, DBCC quickly deployed a mobile version that looked like a native iPhone app. Conference attendees could now access the schedule and exhibitor information directly from the conference floor using their iPhone and iPad devices.

And conference information is just the beginning. In the coming months, Mike plans to leverage the Caspio platform to build an advanced mobile solution for attendees to select sessions, create daily calendars, and schedule meetings from their mobile devices.

“Managing session schedules, flagging booths to visit, networking and meeting with other attendees – eventually I want to give people the ability to manage all of this from their phones,” said Mike.

With just a couple months before the next conference begins, we can’t wait to see Mike’s next killer app!

Check out the Caspio Mobile Kit for yourself, or request a project consultation for direct assistance.

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