New software updates: Welcomed or scary?
Every time an upgrade rolls out, users have to contemplate whether they should spend valuable time migrating projects and maneuvering around software bugs/compatibility issues to enjoy the new features, or stay behind the technology curve where they’re perfectly comfortable, thank you very much.

The release of Microsoft Office 2010 earlier this month suddenly has many IT managers and developers on edge while they investigate the new capabilities and decide whether to upgrade their current IT operations.  One new feature under a lot of scrutiny from Microsoft Access developers are the new Web Apps which require Access users to deal with a SharePoint Server to get a database online.

Hence, Access 2010 is a modified version of the same old story.
Yes, you can build MS Access-driven apps for online use, but what is the point if it still requires you to own and maintain your own servers, pay license fees, and have a specialist on hand who knows how to set up the database, program the apps, and then integrate with SharePoint?

Caspio users are already familiar with the simplicity Caspio brings to the process of converting Access databases online. Not only does Caspio have a similar look and feel to MS Access — making the learning curve extremely fast — the intuitive point-and-click wizards eliminate programming to make building sophisticated web apps a breeze. In fact, InformationWeek recently called Caspio the “Microsoft Access” of the Cloud in their product review and video demo given by CEO, Frank Zamani.

Caspio’s database platform makes it easy to publish a MS Access database online in a matter of minutes. The platform allows you to have a fully web-enabled database application that makes it easier than ever to create web forms, reports and complete end-to-end web applications and deploy them to any website, hosted anywhere. And since Caspio is 100% browser-based, you can make changes anytime, anywhere with Internet access. There is even a Microsoft Office Plug-in for your Access and Excel programs that automatically downloads Caspio-hosted data to your local desktop, keeping data current and refreshed for local analysis or use in other Office apps such as Word mail merge.

Access users, don’t despair!
There is a viable alternative solution that frees you from the restrictions still dominating traditional Microsoft software. Sign up for a free trial or contact us at 650.691.0900 (Option 2) to discuss your project.