If you have data that has the potential to be monetized and you want to bring the largest possible audience to it, you may want to make it visible to major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Caspio has developed a groundbreaking SEO deployment model that enables database-stored information to be published and crawled by search engines, allowing you to generate free organic traffic to your website.

In the past, custom hand-crafted code was required to make databases search-engine-friendly. Caspio’s simple point-and-click tools eliminate these complexities. All it takes is a few Caspio DataPages to provide a list of thousands of records for search engines to index. Like all other features of Caspio Bridge, special coding or programming knowledge is not required. All you need is a Caspio Bridge Professional package or higher and access to your web server.

The SEO deployment technology is unique to Caspio and not available on any other cloud platform.

Caspio SEO Deployment

For detailed information on implementing Server-Side (SEO) Deployment for your apps, visit Caspio’s SEO Deployment Directions.

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