In today’s digital environment, practically anyone with a smartphone can now capture a story and upload it online. Labeled as citizen journalism, this type of reportage, which uses the web and social media to submit up-to-date news and events, has not only empowered regular citizens through extraordinary stories but also assisted established journalists in their quest for the latest and breaking news.

For instance, when a Mormon volunteer documented online the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which swept through the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in 2012, it gave people from around the world a glimpse of humanity overcoming doubt and presented hope to a recovering community.

Caspio offers a free news aggregator app template that you can simply embed on your website. It systematically combines news articles, videos, or images into one channel, providing your audiences a one-stop-shop news source.

news aggregator app

The app promotes citizen journalism by allowing your readers to share or publish their news stories with photos or YouTube videos in real time through a public submission interface. Aside from providing real-time updates, this form of journalism also encourages community engagement and reader interaction, which eventually translates into more value-added content, as well as increased readership and social media shares for your news site.

Other features of this app include an admin interface, which allows you to manage, create, approve, or delete news submissions. With some app customization, you can also create news categories, or implement your newsroom’s custom workflow into the application.

News Aggregator is one of the many Caspio free app templates that can help boost your website usefulness and audience engagement. For more ready-made app templates, visit Caspio’s App Templates page.

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