Tracking where your data and users are coming from has many benefits and can be easily implemented using the AutoValues feature in Caspio Bridge 6.5.

Why Track User IP Addresses?

New in version 6.5, capturing user IP addresses in the database is useful for tracking multiple submissions, preventing malicious activities, and auditing data or users.

Documenting the user IP addresses with each submission can pinpoint double entries when multiple submissions are made by the same user. This might be especially important if the app is for online sweepstakes, surveys, or polls.

In addition to Caspio’s built-in security features such as web user authentication and SSL protection, tracking user IP addresses can provide an extra level of awareness, allowing you to trace where all entries originated from. You can even take it a step further and deter malicious users from accessing your app by displaying a warning message explaining that their IP address is being tracked.

Auditing data or users by user IP is another convenient way to add extra functionality to your applications. For example, have you ever wondered if your competitors are accessing your information? If you know their IP range, you can easily identify them if they ever try to register through your apps.

Why Track Site URLs?

If your application is deployed on multiple websites, tracking the site URL will allow you to pinpoint exactly from which site the information was submitted. This would be highly useful if you are using affiliate or cost per action marketing. Knowing which affiliate generated the lead helps you track the success of that affiliate and award payments accordingly.

By tracking the URL, you can also capture parameters that are being passed from a page that links to the location of the hosted application. This can be helpful to track parameters from widely-distributed online advertisements or links.

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