August 19, 2011

You’ve probably needed to create at least a few web forms as a crucial function of your website or application.  But have you ever wondered how many visitors struggle to complete your forms – or simply give up?

Web form conversion optimization is not just for marketers. It’s something to ponder any time you use forms to collect leads, orders, subscribers, feedback, and inquiries on your website. Each successful interaction grows your business, while each unsuccessful attempt is a lost opportunity cost.

create web forms that convert users into leads

So the next time you work on a web form, spend a little extra time to incorporate some conversion best practices:

1. Define a Clear Purpose

  • What is the most important information to collect? Limit to as few fields as possible or consider breaking the form into 2 steps.
  • What data formats are required? Set up your fields to collect data in the appropriate formats. Include a calendar for dates and repeat email address
    fields twice to minimize mistakes.

2. Design with Direction

  • Position form prominently at the top of the page. Include a powerful title so the user instantly understands what you are asking them to do.
  • Stick to a clean and simple design. Choose a font and color palette that is easy on the eye and professionally matches your website.
  • Keep field labels short. If more explanation is needed, consider adding a small tip next to the field.
  • Use a large button in a strong color. The button should demand attention with action-oriented text such as “Sign Up for Free” or “Subscribe Now”.
  • Limit any distractions around the form. Eliminate surrounding clutter such as graphics, links, or navigation that may sidetrack users from completing the form.

3. Test and Tweak

  • Check your error messages. Validation and error messages should clearly instruct how to correct problems and display right next to each field (usually in red).
  • Test all the fields and steps. This one is a no brainer, but often missed by many. Your form isn’t complete unless it works properly with the least about of “do-overs”.
  • Remember your users are impatient. Don’t make them think too much or they will get frustrated and abort the form or maybe even leave your site.

Caspio provides built-in features to help you to create high-converting web forms, but the question is whether you actually put these into practice. If you are not sure how to do something listed above, please let us know!

Are you using these techniques?

Share your own tips, examples or questions by leaving a reply below.

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