New Caspio Bridge 6.8 Now Includes Charts

In our continued effort to provide more ways to visually present data on the web, Caspio’s new charts feature opens up powerful capabilities to translate your flat data into exciting visual reports and dashboards. Charts and graphs are often the key difference between a sea of meaningless rows and instant crystal-clear data intelligence.

Similar to all other web applications built with Caspio, charts can easily be created without programming using point-and-click wizards, and you can instantly embed the apps on any website, CMS or mobile site. All you need is a Caspio Bridge account and at least one numeric field in your data source, and you’ll be building dynamic data charts in a matter of minutes!

Choose between several chart types to best visualize your data: Bar, Column, Pie, Line, Step or Spline.


Just like Caspio’s other web applications, Chart DataPages offer powerful data search, reporting, formatting, and customization capabilities. Best of all, intuitive wizards walk you through the entire process of customizing your database fields, charting functionality, and application logic.


Chart Application Features:

  • Customizable chart labels, size, grouping, and rollover tooltips
  • Calculations  to show sum, average, min, max, and count
  • One-click localization to any language and regional format
  • Pre-loaded CSS styles with background gradient effects
  • Embed apps on any web page by pasting one snippet of code
  • Fully-compatible with iPhone and iPad (non-Flash)
  • Display data above or below the chart, with optional data file download
  • Interactive or predefined search forms to filter data
  • Drill-down to details pages for viewing or editing individual records
  • Scales for any size database, securely hosted by Caspio
  • Fully-functional 14-day free trial with unlimited data import and deployment

Utilizing these features built on Caspio’s online database, non-programmers can easily create powerful apps with up-to-the-minute reporting and business intelligence, allowing them to make better decisions faster, anytime, from any device.

Caspio’s unique “embedded” application deployment lets you seamlessly combine several app interfaces on the same web page to provide richer overall functionality. A common design is a high-level summary chart at the top of the page, along with an interactive web form displayed below to let the user further filter the data.

Caspio Bridge Data Chart Interactive Example - Individual Sales Report

Along the same lines, you can quickly create a dynamic dashboard application by combining two or more charts on the same web page, driven from the same data source or multiple databases.

Caspio Bridge Data Chart Report Interactive Example - Sales Report Dashboard

All Caspio users automatically receive the upgrade for charts in their Caspio Bridge account (or you can open a new account). Be sure to try it out and tell us what you think by contacting Caspio Support via chat, phone or support ticket. We will be adding more chart features and customization options in the coming months, so your feedback is essential.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, and refer to our online help for more detailed information.

We’ll also be sharing customer examples, popular chart deployments, and tips & tricks, so subscribe to our news to stay informed.

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