Caspio’s New Advanced Reporting Features Help Simplify Data Visualization

Sifting through a monster database to pick out pertinent information is time consuming and sometimes downright impossible.  With Caspio’s latest reporting features, you can say goodbye to trolling through spreadsheets and database queries and simplify your life — or at least simplify your reports so you can make more informed decisions.

Using Caspio’s cutting-edge cloud technology, which includes a built-in online database and wizard-driven report builder, you can easily generate powerful database reports without any programming. Quickly manipulate, visualize and summarize flat data with just the click of your mouse, and embed the reports directly on any web page to enjoy up-to-the-minute business intelligence anywhere, anytime.

The new Advanced Reporting features allow you to build smarter reports, analyze real-time data, and slice and dice information as you please. Highlights include:

Calculated Fields – Insert calculations, drop in Caspio Advanced Reporting Interactive Example
common functions, and create custom formulas using Caspio’s point-and-click wizard. Functions execute in real-time as the web page loads based on the latest records in the online database.

Aggregate Functions – Add totals and aggregation to roll-up your information in various ways. Apply common aggregate functions like sum, average, min, max and count, or create custom formulas.

Data Grouping – Organize information into visual groups to quickly analyze large data sets. Using Caspio’s report builder, you can set up interactive categorization for the user to expand or collapse groups on-the-fly.

Watch the video to see for yourself how to add calculated fields, aggregate functions and data grouping to your database reports.

If you have already tried out the new features, please share your apps and examples by leaving a comment below.

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