The Print and E-Media Division at Houston Community College (HCC) has the important responsibility of maintaining the college website and publishing information like class schedules. The previous PDF method was outdated and difficult to use, so they wanted to find a way for students and faculty to easily access class information online. With all the buzz surrounding Edu 2.0 and cloud computing in education, they looked for a web-based application.

HCC required a scalable and reliable solution that could handle the large spikes in traffic during the peak registration period. They found Caspio, and within a few short weeks, HCC had a sophisticated searchable class schedule up and running ahead of schedule before registration opened — not to mention under budget. The easy-to-use search and drill-down functionality made it easy for students to quickly find information without downloading bulky PDF files.

With Caspio, we can publish information online in a way that makes it easy for both students and faculty to use. As a public college, we have a lot of responsibility on a tight budget, and Caspio simply helps us do more for less.

Joe Conway
HCC’s Director
Print and E-Media

Interactive Class Schedule Powered by Caspio

Interactive Class Schedule Powered by Caspio

We’re excited to welcome HCC as an enterprise client. HCC is now implementing a variety of web apps across six branch campuses, including surveys, contact forms, and map mashups.

HCC also utilized Caspio’s Mobile Kit to create a mobile version of their searchable graduate directory. Students, family and faculty can now look up graduate information on-the-go.

Read more about Caspio’s cloud technology for higher education or request a demo.

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