Rapid testing and vaccination are key to effective COVID-19 response.

Studies show that at least 40% to 50% of people who test positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms. By implementing rapid testing and vaccination programs, companies ensure employees can return to the workplace without putting others at risk.

Here’s the story of Snap Healthcare and how they used Caspio to build SnapLabs, a COVID-19 compliance portal that helps healthcare organizations, government agencies and private companies bring employees back to work safely.

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Streamlining COVID-19 Response in the Cloud

Snap Healthcare aims to help organizations address the demand for urgent COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs.

The company provides a turnkey solution to streamline rapid point-of-care and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing for COVID-19 testing centers, clinics, laboratories, private employers and government agencies.

Recently, they also rolled out a vaccination reporting system that fast-tracks vaccine administration, distribution and reporting.

They accomplish all this through SnapLabs, a custom cloud application that helps clients manage testing and vaccination procedures, patient consent, lab result notifications and patient communications. The Caspio-powered application gives Snap Healthcare clients the ability to gather and manage data in a centralized cloud-based system.

COVID-19 COMPLIANCE: SnapLabs’ turnkey solution enables hospitals, clinics, testing centers and employers to automate rapid testing, vaccination and compliance programs.

The Power to Pivot Amid a Pandemic

Prior to building SnapLabs, Snap Healthcare CEO Gene Howell found himself at a crossroads. Adapting to new realities of COVID-19 wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

“I’ve always thought that healthcare is recession-proof. And for the first time, I was proven wrong when overnight, 70% of our business was gone,” Howell revealed. “And so, I needed to pivot very quickly and figure out what we’re going to do.”

Their existing clients played a significant role in driving Snap Healthcare to a new direction.

For instance, a large hospital in Los Angeles required a once-a-week testing for all employees — something their own lab couldn’t handle. “There was simply nothing in place that would allow them to report all these things to the employers and manage the samples themselves,” Howell shared.

At that point, Howell decided to take a leap of faith.

He started looking for a solution that would enable clients to administer in-house COVID-19 testing programs. It was clear to him that sticking to outdated software and processes wouldn’t allow them to deliver an efficient cloud-enabled solution.

Howell envisioned a secure, scalable and intuitive application that could deliver rapid results while catering to both employers and employees.

At the same time, the system also had to be HIPAA-compliant and ensure patient privacy while allowing employers to easily manage employee health information while complying with HIPAA regulations.

PARTNER IN HEALTH: Snap Healthcare helps ensure workplace safety by providing companies with COVID-19 rapid testing and vaccine reporting management.

In Search of the Three C’s: Cloud, Custom and Compliant

Initially, Howell and his team struggled to find a cloud-based solution that could streamline their medical operations, let alone ensure HIPAA compliance.

They initially tested a few low-code platforms, but the products lacked the exact features they needed, such as customizable charts and automated notifications. “Every minute counts when delivering COVID-19 results,” Howell said, stressing the importance of using real-time data.

Due to these limitations, they kept searching for the right partner. “We needed a technology partner who can help us translate our vision into reality and quickly develop a system tailored to our needs.”

Howell soon came across Caspio and scheduled a project consultation. They originally planned to build the application themselves, but their internal team was under pressure and didn’t have enough time to explore all the features of the Caspio platform.

During the project consultation, Howell learned about Caspio’s Managed Application Services. “I’m an intuition guy. Once I met with my Caspio project manager, I just went with my gut,” he said.

Delivering a Lifeline — in a Snap

With traditional software development, it would have taken at least six to nine months to roll out an application as sophisticated as SnapLabs. Using Caspio’s low-code platform as the foundation for ultra-fast development, the Managed Application Services team built the SnapLabs application in less than two months.

“I have never met such an incredible team who understands you so well and responds quickly to detailed requirements,” Howell said.

Managed Application Services gives clients access to Caspio’s elite team of developers, business analysts, project managers, QA specialists and other IT talent – all available on-demand as client requirements evolve. 

Applications are built using an agile methodology, which is structured around 2-week iterations called “sprints” that deliver fast, high-quality results. With frequent touchpoints, clients can quickly pivot or redirect resources to address changing priorities.

How SnapLabs Cures COVID-19 Testing Woes

SnapLabs serves as an all-in-one portal to manage COVID-19 compliance, streamlining workflows across different user groups (i.e. employers, employees, healthcare professionals, laboratory staff).

EMPLOYER & PATIENT DASHBOARDS: Monitor patient health status and test results
LABORATORY MANAGEMENT: Manage laboratory requisition, testing and procedures
ACCESSIBLE PATIENT LABS: View lab tests for each patient
ON-DEMAND LAB REPORTS: View and print test results as PDF
LAB CHARTING: Document patient symptoms and status
PAPERLESS CONSENT FORMS: Manage patient consent and protocol compliance
USER MANAGEMENT: Quickly add and manage companies, patients, clinics and users

In addition, Snap Healthcare clients and their respective patients receive prompt SMS and email alerts once the results come in, making it easy to initiate contact tracing and workplace safety measures. Employees can also access the application to report symptoms or potential exposures right away. Most importantly, Snap Healthcare achieved all this while staying HIPAA-compliant in every step of the process.

Howell admitted feeling uneasy at first because he wasn’t sure how the application would be received. Once he started showing the features and user interface, all his worries went out the window. “It is so user-friendly, no one hesitated once they saw it with their own eyes.”

The compliance portal allows even the smallest organization to utilize the technology typically reserved for large hospital systems, enabling them to calibrate their processes and address patient needs much faster than ever before.

Replacing Slow EMRs With Rapid Vaccination Programs

In addition to COVID-19 testing management, Snap Healthcare recently added vaccination reporting and automation capabilities. As soon as vaccination appointments became widely available, the Caspio team quickly added new interfaces to help healthcare organizations manage vaccination programs at speed and scale.

Now, Snap Healthcare’s partner organizations can assign vaccine doses to patients from a single interface, rather than weeding through multiple steps and manual processes in their EMR system.  “Administering mass amounts of vaccines is very difficult using current EMRs because of the long process to register patients and all other activities that slow you down,” Howell shared.

Howell also noted that it was SnapLabs’ proven success in efficient testing that inspired him to come up with a similar functionality for vaccination management. “In order to do mass vaccinations quickly, we needed a system that would work much like our COVID-19 testing program.”

Iterating and Scaling for the New Normal

Snap Healthcare continues to rapidly scale its operations, thanks to the successful rollout of SnapLabs. The system is now being accessed by over 6,000 users at more than a hundred organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, testing centers, government agencies, airlines, retail brands, film/TV sets and sports teams.

By automating complex testing procedures and workflows, Snap Healthcare’s clients grew their testing capacity by 50% while reducing overhead costs by 75%. The portal also enables companies to achieve 99% on-time test results, helping them make real-time decisions to keep employees safe.

While Snap Healthcare is already seeing an increase in overall sales and ROI savings, Howell said SnapLabs is just the beginning of great things to come.

After the recent release of their vaccine reporting system, Howell is now working with Caspio to launch new initiatives. For example, Snap Healthcare is soon offering a modern EMR system optimized as an all-in-one rapid response program — where organizations can manage all aspects of employee health including COVID-19 response, physical examinations, drug tests, and other medical testing and procedures.

Howell believes that being able to adapt to change is key to maintaining success. “If you’re not constantly pivoting, you’re done,” he said. And in order to pivot amid a global pandemic, you need a partner to bring your ideas to life — fast.

Start Innovating With Caspio

Instead of losing 70% of their business to the pandemic, Snap Healthcare partnered with Caspio to launch a new thriving venture — one that’s even more resilient in the face of ever-changing market requirements.

Howell couldn’t be more thankful he took that leap of faith. “I’m not usually ‘happy’ with anything, but I’m certainly delighted and satisfied with Caspio,” he said.

Caspio allows you to build cloud applications 20x faster than traditional development, so you can quickly adapt and overcome unexpected challenges. With Caspio’s low-code platform, you can empower everyone in your organization to create custom business applications, without having to write code or hire IT specialists.

“I’ve yet to find a problem Caspio can’t solve. And I think that’s what impresses me the most. I bring them the issue, and then they come back and they’ve figured it out.”

Gene Howell
Snap Healthcare

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