What would you do with a thousand bucks? You could either spend it, save it or invest it to make it grow. A wise person finds ways to double the amount. In the same way, you should treat your web application’s functions and capabilities as currency to spend, save, invest and trade.  By doing this, you’ll unlock the true potential of your application to bring your business ideas to life.

The most strategic action you should take is to explore the range of application integration possibilities that could add value to your application. The good news is that it’s now easy for you to integrate your online database app with other platforms through Zapier.

Caspio-Zapier Application Integration Use Cases

So how can you maximize the potential of your web database? Here are 3 quick ways using Zapier’s application integration:

Prepare proposals, contracts and invoices through WebMerge

Workflow automation is key to make routine business processes more efficient and allow you to focus more on mission-critical tasks. No need to go through piles of emails and paperwork with this integration. All you need is to connect your Caspio account with Zapier and Webmerge.

Send Automatic SMS and Email alerts via Twilio

Create better user experiences by keeping your users and customers up-to-date with the latest information from your application or online database using Twilio-generated automatic SMS and Email alerts.

Backup your online database to Excel

With this feature, you’ll be able to maintain your database without the worry and hassle of repeatedly downloading valuable information. Just connect your Caspio account with Zapier and your Microsoft Office 365 and let this zap backup your data for you.

These three application integrations are just the tip of the iceberg. Caspio puts the power of application development in the hands of business leaders like you through an intuitive and user-friendly point-and-click application builder. It is also extensible enough that users are able to code on top of it, extending the application’s capabilities beyond simple and straightforward forms. Caspio-powered applications seamlessly integrate with legacy systems as well as other cloud-based applications and platforms like Zapier.

Remember that you don’t need to integrate your application for integration’s sake. The key is to focus on the functions and capabilities that are useful, effective and ultimately make your application work flawlessly.

Got any questions about Caspio’s Zapier integration? Check out our Online Help Center. Better yet, request for a demo on how to build your custom online database apps today!

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