logo_gcjccThe Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was tasked to build and deploy an online application that would allow state agencies to apply for grant funds. Based on time and budget constraints, Daniel Kurlowich, Systems Analyst at the CJCC, knew that building the application from scratch wasn’t an option, so he searched for a cloud solution that could securely capture and manage the grant application’s 200 data input fields.

After a short online demo, Kurlowich felt confident that Caspio’s platform would fit the bill. In fact, it took him only one day to design, integrate and launch the application system on CJCC’s website. The project was completed early and under-budget, with the first online registration coming in within 30 minutes of launch. Caspio’s step-by-step wizards also made it easy for the agency make real-time edits to the application once it was live. Read the full case study.

I’ve worked in data all my life and I knew that Caspio could do the job.  And it did.

Daniel Kurlowich,
Systems Analyst

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