Users also like the fact that they can see photos of the vehicles and assigned drivers. Additionally, the team implemented a feedback system using Caspio and later expanded it to cover other Auxiliary Services.

On the administrative side, the team manages all transportation programs in a centralized internal application providing real-time data about incoming requests, driver schedules, vehicle availability and maintenance, invoices, and more.


Ryan Greene, Senior Manager,
Parking and Transportation
Georgia College

“We like the ease-of-use and reliability of Caspio and the fact that we can easily make changes to an application at any time. The new system also made our internal processes more efficient, allowing departments to take on more requests with fewer additional costs.”

The new transportation, parking and maintenance system has received wide acclaim from both students and faculty, but more importantly, the entire communication and process flow for campus-wide transportation was greatly improved. As a result, Greene was invited to present his outstanding results using Caspio at the annual NACAS (National Association of College Auxiliary Services) conference.

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