According to Adobe, an estimated 2.5 trillion PDF and similar format files exist in the world today. For many government agencies, educational institutions and businesses of all sizes, PDF files are simply indispensable.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new enhancement to Caspio’s PDF report generation feature.

Starting with the Caspio 25.0 release, users can generate customized PDF files not just from results pages but from app details pages as well.

Want to learn more about the PDF generator and other features included in Caspio 25.0? Read the release notes.

Turn Web Pages Into Professional PDF Documents

The improved PDF generation feature allows your end users to download data and supplemental documents from more places in your apps.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the feature:

Inside Caspio, you can customize your PDF layout by changing the orientation, adding images, incorporating custom headers and footers, and much more. Once you finalize your PDF settings, you’ll notice the “Download” option appear on your results or details pages.

Generate PDF Reports From Search Results

To configure the PDF output of your search results, enable the PDF download option when setting up a Caspio report. You can tweak the display of the PDF file using an intuitive point-and-click wizard where you can insert custom elements.  

Generate PDF Files From Details Pages

The same principle applies when enabling PDF download from a details page. This option is useful when you want to provide customers with the particulars of their transaction, contract or other information associated with a specific record.

Digitize and Streamline Your Documents With Caspio

More and more businesses are going paperless and opting for digital tools — for good reason.

Using digital documents reduces costs and makes processing, storing and tracking files a lot more efficient. More importantly, it facilitates document management in the cloud, enabling you to process files in real-time, even when working with a distributed workforce.

Here are some quick ways you can use Caspio’s enhanced PDF generator to digitize your business:

  1. Work orders – Enable your field teams to complete work orders anywhere using your Caspio app. Staff can provide your end users with a summary of the transaction using the PDF generation feature.
  2. Permits and grants – Expedite the processing of permits, grants and similar documents. Provide downloadable PDFs after users complete a search or submission form.
  3. Certifications – Whatever industry you’re in, Caspio’s PDF generator provides a convenient way to produce different types of certificates for your end users.
  4. Inspection reports – Issue various inspection and quality assessments for your end users directly from your Caspio apps.
  5. Medical test results – Provide patients with easy access to medical or laboratory test results via an online patient portal.
  6. Invoices – Create professional-looking invoices right from a custom details page and then have your users download them directly from your Caspio apps.
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Caspio 25.0 gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of PDF files generated from record details pages.

Stay Tuned for Future Enhancements

The Caspio product team is continuing to develop more improvements to the PDF generation feature, including custom page breaks, cover pages, watermarks and more. Additionally, we’ll be working on more advanced outputs where Caspio data can be merged to a PDF template for a highly customized layout.

If you have ideas about new features you’d like to see, we’d love to hear about them! Submit your thoughts to the Caspio Ideabox.

Be sure to read the release notes for more information about the Caspio 25.0 release.

If you’re new to Caspio, sign up for a free trial or get a free account with an online database builder to start building custom applications.

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