Guest Post By Simon Verdon,
Operational IT Solutions Manager at GEFCO UK Ltd

From supply to distribution, GEFCO provides global logistics services for its industrial customers with applied expertise in automotive logistics. Founded in 1949, GEFCO has 80 hubs and 65 logistics platforms operating in 39 countries.

As the IT Solutions Manager at GEFCO UK, I was tasked to create a logistics management system with real-time tracking of packaging materials for one of our major clients. The system needed to have multiple role-based permissions, restricting access to data by role. Users of the system are spread across the offices in France and UK.

Gefco's Logistics Management System Powered by Caspio

Real-time Monitoring Using Logistics Management System Powered by Caspio

Creating a Logistics Management System Without Coding

After evaluating several Rapid Application development tools, I found that none of them met our requirements. Most of them had either limited capabilities or had lots of hidden costs, among other concerns. We realized that Caspio’s powerful platform provided the stability, scalability, and security we needed for our system at a reasonable price. Using low-code development, we were able to develop the system in just a few days.

To learn more about GEFCO’s success using Caspio, read the full case study. Better yet, schedule a demo with our global demo center and we’ll show you how to get started building custom business apps today!

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