One of the main features that Caspio users love about our platform is how simple it is to convert Excel to a web application. But what about the other way around — what if you want to export the data from your web form to Excel? Storing web form submissions in Excel is easier than you may think. Here we will show you three ways by which you can get web form data into Excel.

Turn your Excel spreadsheet into robust web apps for free.

Web forms are great for so many things: generating sales leads, managing registrations and subscriptions, taking orders…you name it. And with Caspio’s simple tools like our form builder, you can be building web forms to capture important data right from your own website in minutes. And, that data is stored centrally and securely in the cloud – able to be quickly accessed and searched in Caspio or used in web reports and apps.

However, there are times where you want your form data to be exported or accessed by tools like Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet software like Excel is widely used, and users can perform all sorts of calculations on the data inside a spreadsheet. So, Caspio has made it simple for users to get data captured by your web forms into Excel via these three methods:

1. “Live” Data Refresh via the Caspio Plugin for MS Office

Caspio users can download our Office Plugin and begin connecting their desktop Office tools like Excel to their Caspio account(s). This way, the data inside a Caspio DataPage that is populated by web form submissions can be pushed into an Excel spreadsheet on a user’s desktop. Every time the user opens that file, if they are connected to the Internet, that data is automatically refreshed. This is a great tool for performing up-to-date mail merges and other activities, where the freshest data possible is needed. And, this type “up to the minute” data capabilities cannot be gained using Excel alone.

2. Web Form to Excel via Manual and Automated Export

Perhaps the most direct way to get data into Excel is through our simple Export tools. A simple Export Wizard inside the Caspio administration panel guides users through the process of getting a database that is used to collect web form submissions into Excel. It is also simple to set up Caspio DataHub, which allows users to schedule data imports and exports to or from Excel.

Form to excel export table

3. Create Downloadable Search Forms

A great way to quickly enable the creation of an Excel sheet from nearly any Caspio-powered data set is by enabling users to download their searches. Caspio is more than a form builder. With it you can create reports and apps and much more. The reports can have a download button. This way, users are creating spreadsheets of the records they need, especially if they only need a partial list from an entire data set (for example – form submissions over the past 24 hours). With a few clicks, Caspio users can bring the power of online data into previously limited desktop tools like Excel.

Online form to excel advanced options

Excel has its place inside the organization. And web forms are a valuable method of collecting and centralizing important data captured via your website. By using Caspio and Excel together, you get the best of both worlds. Check out these tips and more on our Online Help site.

Better yet, our Ultimate Guide to Converting Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Apps Without Coding will fill you in on everything you need to start turning your Excel spreadsheets into rich web apps. And if you haven’t yet unleashed the power of Caspio for your business, then schedule a demo and start building apps today!

Originally published: January 9, 2013
Last updated: July 3, 2018
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