While the Internet has given us unprecedented access to instant global information, it has also created significant competition for the print media industry. Newspapers have especially suffered in the current economic downturn. Fighting for survival, many papers have migrated to web-only editions.

Transitioning to online publishing comes with its own set of challenges. Having access to quick and easy-to-use tools such as Caspio Bridge has allowed media companies to thrive while staying focused on what they do best – bringing us exclusive news and information at the community level. Since 2001, Caspio has partnered with hundreds of media companies and currently powers applications for over 80% of the nation’s top 100 newspaper websites.

gannettLast month, Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, signed an enterprise-level agreement with Caspio. We have been working individually with over 50 of Gannett’s newspaper and TV sites since 2006. Now, as an enterprise customer, the entire company and all of its media properties can take advantage of additional platform features, cost savings, and high-touch services. Gannett owns a total of 934 publications including news giant USA Today. According to Nielson, their total U.S. web audience is over 27.1 million unique visitors. Additionally, Gannett has 23 television stations which reach more than 20 million households.

caspio-recipe-guideOver the years, Caspio Bridge has empowered the media to create new and innovative ways to engage online readers. Even the smallest newspapers and TV stations have utilized the platform to publish interactive web applications for highly-personalized news at a community level. Our professional services team has also built from scratch turnkey applications specifically for the media.

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