If you have public users who create personal profiles through one of your Caspio web applications, you can quickly create a system to help verify that the email address they provide you with is valid.  You can also configure authentication to only accept users who have verified their email address.  This way you can be positive that you have at least one valid piece of contact information for your users.

User Email Validation

The Setup Process

Email validation is a multi-step process:

  1. After a user submits their information via the online registration form, they will receive an email containing a validation hyperlink.
  2. The user must click on this link to activate their account.
  3. Because the account can only be activated through the email, you can be sure that all email addresses for your registered users are valid.

Email validation spans many different capabilities of Caspio Bridge and is a great way to see a variety of features in action.

To get started, view the step-by-step instructions, or contact Caspio Support if you have any questions.

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