Caspio Customer: Dow Jones Local Media Group Operating community print and online media franchises in seven states, the Dow Jones Local Media Group (DJLMG) is constantly trying to find faster ways to deliver news while upholding its high standards of public service and editorial excellence.

By adopting Caspio’s enterprise platform for online media, DJLMG staff is now able to quickly build and deploy sophisticated database-driven applications that accelerate their community journalism efforts without muddling them with custom programming.

Our goal is to implement technology that allows our editors and reporters to focus on the content itself, and not worry about how they are going to deploy that content. Caspio’s plug-and-play solutions allow us to do exactly that, and more easily publish intensely local and unique data and information about the communities in which we operate.

Sean Polay
Product manager for distributed media

DJLMG has already deployed an impressive list of hyper-local applications, including crime maps, public health inspection violations, real estate listings, and interactive calendars of local events. We look forward to seeing what other unique apps will be rolled out in the coming months.

Caspio is proud to welcome DJLMG to our large portfolio of media customers which now encompasses over 80% of the nation’s 100 largest newspaper websites.

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