September 23, 2015


People turn to online shopping instead of visiting stores for the sake of convenience, but can quickly feel overwhelmed searching through a sea of endless products and retailers.

Having spent hours on different websites trying to find the perfect product, entrepreneur Myah Evers decided to transform the way people shop online – one necklace at a time.

Adjectivs is an online shopping site that helps people find necklaces similar to how Kayak helps you find airline tickets. Once you describe the type of necklace you’re looking for, the website searches through a product database from hundreds of online retailers and displays matching items based on your specific criteria.

If something catches your eye, you can click into a detailed description where you can ask questions or share feedback. When you are ready to purchase, Adjectivs takes you directly to the online retailer which sells the product.


Building a website like this usually takes months, requiring a professional developer and thousands of dollars. But in Evers’ case, it only took her six weeks to launch Adjectivs with a small monthly fee.

I started by looking for tools that could help me make the website database-driven. I was considering another database platform but they lacked some key functionality I needed. Then I found Caspio. It’s a solid platform rich in features. I could have coded my applications from scratch using developers, but Caspio gave me the flexibility and speed I needed to learn about my customers right away.

Myah Evers
Founder and CEO

And why necklaces, you ask? It goes back to Evers’ passion for jewelry and her frustration trying to find original statement pieces.

I love, love, love necklaces and wanted them to be our starting place. I have been making and collecting necklaces for more than 20 years. Because of this obsession, I was looking for a site that showed all the necklaces in the world. I never found a site like that, and I came to believe that I could fill this gap in the market.

Myah Evers
Founder and CEO

Now powered by Caspio, Evers can focus on enhancing the user experience and expanding the product selection.


Myah Evers, Founder and CEO

“I love how easy it is to make changes with Caspio, and their customer support is the best, hands-down.”

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