One of the areas we’ve been working on this year is providing more ways for our users to visually present their data. In our release of Caspio Bridge 6.7, we’ve introduced a new Calendar DataPage that gives you the ability to display your information on the web using monthly and weekly calendars. This feature is great for any database where the date field is a vital component; such as events, schedules, due dates, appointments, etc.

Caspio Bridge Online Database-Driven Weekly Calendar Application

Just like Caspio’s Search and Report DataPage, the Calendar DataPage provides powerful data search, retrieval, and formatting capabilities. Additionally, there are a number of conveniences you have when deciding how users can view and navigate through your information.

Depending on your preference, the display settings can be customized to show today’s date, a specific month, or a certain week. More dynamic displays are also available.

The Calendar DataPage also lets you set the number of days relative to the day that your calendar will show. For example, you can set up calendar options that automatically show you any events happening a week from now, 30 days back, or one year ago from today. This way, if you want to automatically show a specific period, you don’t have to navigate the calendar by hand.

Caspio Bridge Online Database-Driven Weekly Calendar Application Wizard

You can even set your calendars to automatically jump to the earliest piece of information requested from your database (the first matching record) or the latest one (the last matching record). This option is particularly convenient when using a form to search your database.

Caspio Bridge Online Database-Driven Monthly Calendar Application

Once entering an optional search, users will be taken to the right place and can start navigating the data, instead of being taken to a calendar containing today’s date, which may not have any information.

The Calendar DataPage option has been automatically added to the opening DataPage screen of your Caspio Bridge account. To lessen the learning curve for both new and existing users, the Calendars DataPage was designed to be similar to the other DataPages in Caspio Bridge. I encourage you to give the Calendar DataPage a try to see how easy yet flexible it is.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support team with any questions or feedback. Use the online chat in a right lower corner of the webpage for more detailed information.

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