Caspio Bridge provides you with a number of capabilities and services to create location-based applications. These include:

With the Search by Distance feature, your search forms can be used to find records based on proximity to a location. For example, your search form could take an address and find all hospitals within 10 miles of that particular address. Creating such search forms is easily accomplished through the Search and Report wizard, provided that the Search by Distance feature is enabled in your account.

When you request Search by Distance, a geocoded database of all U.S. ZIP codes will also be uploaded into your account to utilize as you wish in your location-based applications.

location-based web app

We also have a step-by-step map mashup tutorial and live instructor-led online training for integrating your address-centric databases and applications with Google maps. Using Caspio’s map integration, your search results and record details can easily be plotted on a map.

Additionally, Caspio has the capability to geocode large sets of data either as a batch or in real time. When activated, our geocoding service automatically adds latitude and longitude to your address-centric tables.

To request Distance Search or geocoding services, please contact Caspio Support or your account manager.

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