A typical challenge facing many website managers is the increasing amount of data piling up every day: contact information, inquiries, customers, partners, and the list goes on. Programs like Excel can easily store such information, but it quickly becomes unmanageable and impossible to keep up with (check our guide on how to move from Excel to database). Implementing a database-driven website not only enables you to manage your data more effectively, it also allows you to add smart data-driven capabilities such as submission forms, login pages, search interfaces, feedback systems, and and so on.

A database-driven website can help you streamline your data management processes by capturing and storing data in a centralized online database, on top of which web pages can be programmed to receive and display the information automatically as the page loads. Traditionally, this functionality was only possible through server-side programming languages such as PHP, ASPX or ASP implemented by a web developer.

Caspio provides an ideal solution to create database-driven web applications for your website without hiring a team of developers. With a robust and scalable cloud database at its core, Caspio’s point-and-click platform enables non-developers to achieve sophisticated database-driven functionality without writing code. For example:

  • Submission forms to capture leads and inquiries
  • Feedback forms, surveys and registration forms
  • Searchable databases and directories
  • Data visualization using calendars, charts, and Google maps
  • Membership management, event management, and many other types of applications

All Caspio-powered applications can be seamlessly embedded on any website regardless of the hosting provider or content management system. And because the applications are running on Caspio’s own servers, there’s no need for additional scripting or CPU power from your hosting provider.

Lean more about Caspio’s online database platform and sign up for a free trial to get started.

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