If you are looking to automate a process, or create a new tool to manage data inside your existing organization – Caspio has proven itself a great platform for doing so.

ConstructionReports.comBut, what about building an entire business on top of a set of Caspio apps? That’s what ConstructionReports.com was able to do – in a few short weeks.

General Manager of ConstructionReports.com, Brad Blaicher, told us his company was forming in late 2009 with the goal of building a lead generation system for the construction industry in the state of Arizona. The company knew it needed a sophisticated system for capturing, distributing and publishing data to its various business partners. But, the company did not have the time or budget to use an expensive packaged application or pay consultants to build a custom-coded tool from scratch. With a little research, Brad came across Caspio.

To speed up the time it took to make ConstructionReports.com a fully functional operation, the fledgling company contracted with Caspio Professional Services to help build its robust lead generation system. In a short seven weeks, ConstructionReports.com was live and ready for action – on time, and under budget.


ConstructionReports.com’s lead generation system built on the Caspio platform.

Now, ConstructionReports.com is processing 10-20 leads per day from its local construction industry, and is running smoothly without any internal IT resources. Its primary business system is managed in the cloud by Caspio.

I never have to think about my technology here. Caspio just works.

Brad Blaicher
General Manager

Learn more about ConstructionReports.com’s success in this case study. If you’d like to see for yourself how Caspio can help automate your business processes, start a free trial today or request a project consultation.

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