georgia-college-transportation-and-parking-logo-250 Utilized by more than 80% of the leading news websites in the United States, Caspio has become an indispensable tool for news organizations to create and publish database related projects. Journalists have been known to say, “No newsroom tinkering with data journalism is complete without Caspio.”

Among the wide media customer base we are serving across the states, Bay Area News Group, the largest newspaper publisher in the San Francisco Bay Area, in particular has benefited much from Caspio when it comes to sharing database applications.

Watch the video testimonial below from Daniel Willis, the Database Producer at Bay Area News Group and see how Caspio has simplified his day-to-day work in areas including:

  • Creating huge database applications at a fraction of cost and time
  • Sharing database apps across different sites with a simple embed code
  • Generating continuous traffic with interactive database applications for stories of all sizes

With over 10 years of experience serving online media, Caspio offers specialized industry expertise in addition to its innovative cloud application platform to help reporters and editors simplify database publishing and sharing. Learn more about our services for media websites and contact us for a custom project consultation.

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