Web forms that have too many fields often look long and cluttered. One simple solution is to group the fields into categories and then make each category collapsible. This way, users initially see a much shorter form to start, and can choose for themselves how many sections are visible at any given time.

This week’s Tech Tip, Creating Collapsible Sections, shows you how you can easily add this functionality to Caspio Bridge web forms.  This solution works with an unlimited number of sections, and even if sections are collapsed when the user submits the form, all data is stored safely in your Caspio online database.collapsible forms

View the interactive demo

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and see how easy it is to incorporate this functionality in any Caspio-powered web form.  JavaScript and HTML examples are provided so you can just copy-and-paste, or customize further with your own programming.  Advanced users can also use parameters to dynamically display specific sections upon page load.

If you need help implementing this Tech Tip, or if you have questions about other interactive features and customizations, please contact Caspio Support.

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