We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Caspio 9.5. This release includes new chart types and usability enhancements – all designed to help you create more powerful applications. Read the release notes for the complete details.

Release Highlights

New and Improved Charts

It’s now even easier to transform your data into exciting visual charts and dashboards. In addition to many feature improvements, we have added 15 new chart types with a modern look and feel, including new animation effects and styles.

Watch the video to see how to create the new charts in Caspio:

Updates to Formula Fields

Formula fields automatically calculate values in your tables based on your defined formula or expression. Starting in version 9.5, you can use formulas in the following areas:

  • Pivot Table Reports and Chart DataPages
  • Calculated Fields in DataPages
  • Lookup Fields in Relationships
  • Record Level Security criteria and lookups

Updates to Lookup Fields

Lookup fields are used to show display values when the real value is difficult to understand (such as an ID). Starting in this release, display values will now appear in the following areas:

  • Chart DataPages
  • Pivot Drilldown Reports
  • When rendering HTML, email hyperlinks, and URL hyperlinks

There are many additional enhancements in this release, so be sure to read the release notes to learn more.

We would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below or submit new feature ideas in the Caspio Ideabox.

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