2013 certainly was an interesting year in cloud computing. The maturation of cloud technology combined with ever-changing business dynamics prompted more companies to explore ways to reimagine and expand their business through the cloud.

Dedicated to covering the latest trends in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and its impact on business, we discussed many interesting topics over the last year on this blog — so we put together a shortlist of the 2013 topics we think you can’t afford to miss.

Embrace-BYOA-with-PaaS - 100
Embrace BYOA and Delight Your IT Department

Bring Your Own Application, or BYOA, is growing much to the chagrin of some IT departments. Learn how you can address these IT concerns using a PaaS platform.


4 Reasons to Custom-Build Your CRM System
Custom-Build-Your-CRM-100A company shouldn’t have to change how it works to fit an expensive, cookie-cutter CRM system. In many cases, it makes more sense to build your own custom CRM to fit your organization’s specific needs.


internet-of-things-cloud-database-100The Other Side of ‘The Internet of Things’
One of the hottest tech trends in 2013, IoT has generated a tremendous amount of data from the vast network of devices that can connect, sense and communicate information — however, smart database applications are the key to making data digestible.


self-service-business-intelligence-100Achieve Self-Service BI with a DIY Platform
While Business Intelligence projects often put IT and business users at odds, PaaS platforms like Caspio enable companies to achieve self-service BI using innovative DIY tools.


5 Reasons to Insource Custom App Development
Seeing little ROI from outsourcing, more companies are looking to Platform-as-a-Service to insource their custom application development projects.


responsive web applications

Optimizing Your Web Apps for Mobile Devices
The long debate over web vs. native mobile apps continued in 2013. This post compares the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and how to optimize your web apps for mobile devices using Caspio.

Moving into 2014, we look forward to exploring more topics and trends at the cross-section of cloud computing and business innovation.

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